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Sally Hansen Ion

I wasn’t going to take my colour blocked manicure off so soon, but something made it really soft (doing the washing-up, I think!) and it easily peeled off a nail or two. OK, so I’ve stretched the truth here a bit. It didn’t so much peel as *was* peeled – I’m a consummate picker!

Sally Hansen Ion is a very light grey. It has a hint of warmth to it, as if a touch of beige has been added, rather than it having been created from just black and white.

For New York Fashion Week Fall 2012, Sally Hansen collaborated with a number of designers to create limited edition polishes. Ion is part of the Prabal Gurung Fashion Week Fall 2012 collection. But I got it from Poundland for just a quid – so much for limited edition designer polish 🙂

I’m really not sure about this colour on me. I do like neutral colours, but I think this is too light for my skin. It might be nicer in the summer, or on holiday, when my hands are usually more tanned.

But if it lasts as well as the previous Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish I used, then I’ll be very happy and will certainly be using it a lot as a base for nail art.

Sally Hansen Ion
Sally Hansen Ion – three coats

If you look carefully, you’ll see where I split my nail recently. On my ring finger, you can see a bump on either side. That’s where the repair is. I’ve left it without filing it down too much, so that I can be sure it stays in place, as I really can’t face having it tear while it’s still so low on my nail. Hurry up and grow!


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: three coats of Sally Hansen Ion
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip

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Love this shade on you. Keep it in your mani arsenal because it works beautifully w your skin tone. Not too light.

Adding u to our blog roll so I can easily follow your polished adventures.

Lisa Chakan

Claire Kerr

I still think it’s a bit light, but thank you. I’ve also added your blog to my Google Reader. Love that you’re a mother/daughter blog team 🙂


I think this is gorgeous 😀 what a bargain!