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PVA glue base coat for easy glitter polish removal

I used PVA glue as a base coat for the first time yesterday. And it certainly gave the right results as far as easy removal of glitter is concerned. But, it did have its drawbacks.

Taking it off was really simple – and very satisfying for a picker like me. It just scraped off easily using my thumbnail. For most nails, it came off in one piece even.

But the very fact that it came off so easily was also one of its pitfalls. By just the next morning – and I only put the manicure on in the late afternoon of the day before – it was already lifting away from the nail on a couple of fingers.

So, my conclusion is that I will definitely use this method again, but only when I want to wear my manicure for a short time – perhaps for parties and special occasions, for example.

PVA glue base coat for easy glitter removal
These are what was left after picking off my glitter manicure from yesterday – made nice and easy by using the PVA glue base coat


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Now that’s different! What inspired the use of PVA glue as a base coat?

Claire Kerr

Ah, it’s not my inspiration. A nail polish manufacturer brought out a base coat, and the clever people in the nail polish blogosphere worked out that it was just PVA glue!


I only usually wear my manicures for a day at a time, but I have found that if you make sure to polish the tips of your nails, it helps a lot with the lift off. I try to wrap the tip on every coat. Also, doing a fresh top coat within 24 hours will help it last and so will putting the glue on a little thinner, though it won’t peel off as easily. I live by this method! I used it every week, partly because I do change my nails so often. 🙂 I also found that using glue around my nails makes for super easy cleanup of things like water marbles!!

Claire Kerr

Thanks for the tips. I did do a very thin coat – in fact I was worried it was too thin – but I only wrapped the tips with one coat of the colour and with the top coat. I also spent the rest of that day doing housework, so I shouldn’t really have been too surprised that it lifted so easily!