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L’Oreal Rouge Cancan

I was hoping to do some Valentine’s Day nail art, but work has been so busy this week that I didn’t get around to it.

So my nod to Saint Valentine today is red. (I always have enough time for a new manicure, at least!)

This is L’Oreal Rouge Cancan. And if it lasts well – which L’Oreal polishes usually do for me – then it may well move into top position in my list of favourite reds. (Don’t tell my nine year old son; every time I ask him what I should put on my nails, he says All Fired Up as it’s his favourite).

This polish was a gift. Not for Valentine’s Day, but from someone who attended a recent Trade School class I gave on blogging. Attendees bring barter items that the instructor has requested, rather than paying for a class. And of course I asked for polish.

So thanks to whomever gave me this lovely shade. I did only ask for the £1-2 cheapy brands like MUA and NYC, but the person who brought me this gave me a much more expensive, and very lovely, polish.

L'Oreal Rouge Cancan
L’Oreal Rouge Cancan


Since photographing this manicure, I managed to break my nail badly. It’s the ring finger of my left hand – typically. I knocked my wine glass and reacted instinctively to grab it before it fell. I saved the wine glass, (hooray),  but knocked my nail quite hard on it. The nail has broken half way down the nail bed, and half way horizontally across the nail. I cleaned the polish off  so that I could patch it. Boy was the acetone painful. I’ve patched it with tea bag and nail glue, but the nail has separated from the nail bed at the free edge end, so I will have to be careful I don’t get an infection.


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of L’Oreal Rouge Cancan
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip

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Inky Whiskers

Good save on the glass but…owch!

Claire Kerr

I’m not one to let a full glass of wine go crashing 😉

It hurt for a few days, and I treated it very gingerly, but it now seems much better. While it hasn’t reattached to the nail bed, there’s no tenderness now and as long as I treat it well, I’m confident it will gradually grow out OK.