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Birthday nails: Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter layered over Sally Hansen Mousseline

I wore this manicure on my birthday recently. We went to Brighton and stayed the night before my birthday in a nice hotel in the marina, then stayed around the following day and had a lovely lunch in English’s, a fantastic seafood restaurant.

It was a very enjoyable and much welcome mini break, made perfect by the bright and sunny weather and the beautiful view of the marina and sea from our hotel room.

On my actual birthday I thought that I should sport some sparkle on my nails (I was thirty-sixteen, by the way!), and these combinations seemed really apt for the sunny weather.

This is three coats of Sally Hansen Mousseline, which I bought for just a £1 at Poundland recently. It’s a cream or perhaps a very pale peach, that I probably wouldn’t ever wear on its own, but which I thought would be good for nail art or as a base for something else perhaps. Then I’ve layered over two coats of Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter, which has medium, rose coloured hexagon glitters and tons of tiny holographic glitter.

Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter over Sally Hansen Mousseline
Two coats of Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter over Sally Hansen Mousseline

The holographic glitter really sparkles in the sunlight. Here’s a blurred shot taken in the sun that shows the holographic goodness!

Blurred Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter
A deliberately blurred shot taken in direct sunlight that shows the sparkle and holographic greatness of Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: three coats of Sally Hansen Mousseline
  • Glitter coat: two coats of Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip

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These nails look lovely, I hope you had a fantastic birthday:) x

Claire Kerr

Thank you – yes, I had a lovely day. I’m always spoiled 🙂

Inky Whiskers

Happy Birthday! I just turned thirty-fifteen myself. lol Me likey your birthday nails…so sparklie! <3

Claire Kerr



I so almost bought this but then put it back! damn I want it now, it’s beautiful!
Sounds like you had a lovely bday 🙂

Claire Kerr

I know how you feel. I keep reading blogs and seeing polishes I’ve considered but not bought, and I end up getting them.

I’ve technically given up buying polish for Lent … but then I had some birthday money to spend, so that doesn’t count, and anything else I’ll find an excuse for!