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Nails Inc Devonshire Row

I love Nails Inc Devonshire Row. This is a real cheer me up colour.

It’s not one of my untrieds, but it is an un-blogged polish. I bought it back in April last year, when I first started to do my nails. I wasn’t at the obsession stage then. I was just dipping my toe in the water. I also didn’t know how to do my nails as well as I do now, and the couple of times I wore this polish, I did the second coat a little too soon after the first one. As a result, the polish bubbled and I thought it was the polish rather than my own poor application.

I’ve learned more since then, and realise that the polish is perfectly good. In fact better than that. Devonshire Row applied  beautifully for me, and this is two non-bubbly coats with top coat.

I’m never sure how to describe this polish. On their website, Nails Inc calls it a “deep rich lilac”, but it’s darker than a lilac, even a deep lilac! To me it’s a sort of deep magenta. Whatever it is, I love it and it makes me happy!

Nails Inc Devonshire Row
Nails Inc Devonshire Row. Excuse the dry fingers above my cuticles; I took this before moisturising and had just cleaned up with acetone!


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of Nails Inc Devonshire Row
  • Top coat: No. 7 Stay Perfect




That is indeed a droolworthy polish – I’m going to keep my eyes out for it.

Claire Kerr

Thanks. Although at £11, I do think that Nails Inc polishes are a bit pricey. There are sometimes good offers on QVC, but I’ve always found I don’t like one or two of them, so have never gone for one of them as yet.

Inky Whiskers

I do luv me some fuchsia! Wonderful job of it, Dahling!

Claire Kerr

Ah, yes, fuschia – that’s a better colour description than deep magenta!