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Classic skittle manicure

I’m taking part in a Trade School event today. If you’re not aware of these, they’re classes that run on a barter system. The teacher gives a class on something they know about, and instead of paying to attend, the delegates bring something the teacher has asked for – like food, clothes, knowledge or practical help.

I’m a marketing consultant, and I also run one-day marketing courses. So, I’m presenting a marketing class today – about how to blog successfully – and in return I’m asking for inexpensive nail polish.  (Of course!)

So, in deciding what to wear on my nails today, I thought perhaps I should demonstrate my love of nail polish to my class by wearing lots of colours. And what better way to do that than with a classic skittle manicure in red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Four of these are untrieds for me. Barry M’s Blood Orange is a perfect one-coat glossy red. Lush Tangerine from L’Oreal took three coats, and is a bright orange. Buttercup Shine is a George polish (and which cost all of £1 in Asda). It also took three coats to be opaque, and was a little thick and dragged on the nail, but the end result is a wonderfully bright yellow. Mojito is a bold lime green that came in my Mini Mani Month Ciaté advent calendar. It also needed three coats. And finally, the only one of these that I’ve worn before, Nails Inc Kensington Park Road; a bright mid blue that took two coats.

Skittle manicure red orange yellow green blue
Skittle manicure in red (Bary M Blood Orange), orange (L’Oreal Lush Tangerine), yellow (George Buttercup Shine), green (Ciaté Mojito) and blue (Nails Inc Kensington Park Road)


[EDIT: Ten people came to my talk and I am now the proud owner of ten new bottles of polish and some remover wipes. There are some beautiful colours and a bottle of Croc Effect, which I’ve never tried before. I only asked for the cheapy £1-3 polish (MUA, Rimmel, NYC, Barry M) but someone brought me a bottle of L’Oreal and another brought me Chanel. What lovely people! And I thoroughly enjoyed giving the presentation too.]


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Red: one coat of Barry M Blood Orange
  • Orange: three coats of L’Oreal Lush Tangerine
  • Yellow: three coats of George Buttercup Shine
  • Green: three coats of Ciaté Mojito
  • Blue: two coats of Nails Inc Kensington Park Road
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip

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Cuuuuuuute. They look so Skittle like they’ve made me want Skittles:) Off to the shops…

Claire Kerr

Ha ha. I was at the shops earlier this evening and was comparing the colours of the skittle packet to my nails. Just need to swap the blue for purple though!


Ya know, I love the beauty, creativity and variety of nail art but nothing gives me warm fuzzies as much as straight up color.

This mani just gives me the warm fuzzies all over. Fun, SIMPLE, and beautiful.

Claire Kerr

Thank you 🙂


These colors are just perfect together! The length and shape of your nails is beautiful too. So glad I found your blog. 🙂

Claire Kerr

Thanks Christie – this is one of my all time favourite manicures too – so simple, yet very striking.