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Beauty UK Posh Puddle

I was completely stumped about what manicure to do today.

Yesterday, I created my kitchen sink manicure, but the base coats had been on for a few days longer than that and it was beginning to get some tip wear. So although I only posted it today, it was time to remove it and do a fresh manicure. Plus, my nails needed filing a bit – they’ve got really long.

I have a stash of untried polishes – 102 at the moment, to be precise – and I am trying my hardest to get through them all, rather than wearing my tried and trusted polishes all the time.

So, I looked at my older untrieds and found three that I thought I could go with today. I still couldn’t choose, so I tweeted to see if anyone fancied offering an opinion:

My tweet didn’t get a response though 🙁

So instead, I asked my husband. He said he thought I should wear brown today. Well, that wasn’t on my shortlist of three, but I did have an untried that I bought at the same time as Smokey Lilac and which came as part of the Beauty UK West End Girl collection. The West End Girl collection is a set of six bottles that cost just £5, and the while the bottles aren’t labelled with names or numbers, it didn’t take too much detective work to find out which each polish was when I first got them. The brown in question is Posh Puddle.

Because the set was such a bargain, I didn’t expect much from it. But how wrong I was. It has a nice, fluid formula. Of course this means that the first coat is a little streaky, but it’s great to apply and the second coat gives a lovely even finish.

Posh Puddle is a very close dupe for L’Oreal’s Café St Germain, which I love. But Café St Germain is £5 for just 5ml and Posh Puddle – in its full size, which is 9ml (this “mini” is 8ml) – is just £2. That’s a no-brainer really and I will definitely be buying a back-up of Posh Puddle.

Beauty UK Posh Puddle
Beauty UK Posh Puddle
For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of Beauty UK Posh Puddle
  • Top coat: No. 7 Stay Perfect