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Barry M Raspberry

I wasn’t planning on changing my lovely Christmas Blue manicure from yesterday. I had given it a couple of coats of the limited edition Christmas Glittter, also from Superdrug, and was going to photograph it today for adding to the website. But I didn’t count on the fact that it would make the underneath coats all soft again, and I managed to ruin one of my thumbs.

So rather than just re-manicure the thumb, I ended up removing it all and starting again. I picked a selection of about six of my 107 untried polishes and got my husband to choose one. (Just an aside … I can’t believe that of my 173 polishes, I haven’t yet used 107 of them! Must rememdy that.)

He chose Barry M Raspberry. I found it dried really quickly and I had a few problems putting the first coat on, but by the second coat I knew I needed to move more quickly and it was fine. It’s a lovely deep red, with a slight hint of raspberry pinkishness.

Barry M Raspberry
Barry M Raspberry
For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of Barry M Raspberry
  • Top coat: No.7 Stay Perfect