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Another Liebster award

I nominated Sarah from Swishie Nails for a Liebster and she’s nominated me back. I posted my Liebster award answers a few days ago, so won’t do the full thing of nominating others and asking questions. But I will answer her questions. Here you go, Sarah …

1 – What was your dream job as a child?
I wanted to be a vet. Really not interested in animals at all now!

2 – What your favourite meal?
Thai red curry.

3 – Do you enjoy having a manicure done at a beauticians?
I used to. Now that I do my own, I don’t think I would. I had a pedicure done fairly recently, as a treat from my husband while we were away for the weekend, and I hated how she shaped my nails, painted the colour on, etc.

4 – What’s the most enjoyable part of painting your nails?
Admiring the finished manicure and then hearing my son say, “Oh cool!” (Sometimes! Sometimes he doesn’t like it!)

5 – If you could own an artists work (expensive or not) who’s would it be?
Beryl Cook. I nearly bought an original of hers before she was really famous, but didn’t. It would be worth loads now.

6 – What are you most proud of achieving (doesn’t have to be a job or education)?
Setting up my marketing consultancy business and my marketing training business and running them both profitably.

7 – Do you find a difference in quality of polish brands between cheaper, and more expensive brands?
I own just one Chanel polish, and in fairness it’s fabulous. But then I also love Barry M, which is really cheap and just as fab. So, on balance, probably, no, I don’t see a difference.

8 – Where would your dream vacation be?
I can’t get enough of Italy. I love Rome especially.

9 – Who’s your celebrity hottie?
Kiefer Sutherland. Probably not most people’s type, but he’s the same age as me and I’ve lusted after him from afar for years!

10 – If you could have a super power what would it be?
Invisibility. I’m so nosey, I would love to snoop on people.

11 – What season do you prefer most?
Spring. By the time it comes, I’ve just about had enough of winter and need some sun and some warmth.

There you go, Sarah.






Your sons sometimes sometimes cracked me up. Thank you! I have no updates for our freebie mag bonding 😉

Claire Kerr

Thanks – that’s very kind. However, I’ve already done it twice, so will pass on doing it a third time 🙂