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Matte Red Nails | nella milano Matt Top Coat

I have a review of Nella Milano Matt Top Coat, shown with some matte red nails. I don’t know who Matt is, nor why he has a top coat. The usual spelling of the word is with an “e” … matte! The top coat is nice and smooth and glides on well. It takes just […] Read more

nella milano Chantilly Cream

Today’s swatch is of Nella Milano Chantilly Cream. I have been reviewing one Nella Milano polish a week for seven months now. But this is the final one of the 32 coloured polishes. Chantilly Cream is a pure white, with good coverage. I needed two coats for full opacity and it painted on beautifully smoothly. […] Read more

nella milano Raspberry Razzle

Today I’m wearing Nella Milano Raspberry Razzle. It’s my favourite Nella Milano pink. It’s a deep, rosy pink. Some raspberry polishes are more red. I classify Barry M Raspberry, for example, as a red. But Raspberry Razzle definitely sits in the pinks. It’s perfect at two coats and looks shiny and gorgeous. It’s such a […] Read more

nella milano Raven Wing

Today’s swatch is of Nella Milano Raven Wing. It is a jet black creme that is perfect in two coats. If you have short nails and paint a thick coat, then it’s possibly even a one-coater. It’s my new favourite black nail polish. Previously, I used to love W7 Black, and thought it was pretty […] Read more

nella milano Vintage Violet

Nella Milano Vintage Violet is my Nella Milano nail polish swatch this time around. It’s a bright purple, in the middle of the purple range. It’s a very cheery colour, probably not very seasonally appropriate – unless you’re in the southern hemisphere – but I’m rarely one to stick to the “right” colours for the […] Read more

nella milano Cabaret Charm

Nella Milano Cabaret Charm is this week’s Nella Milano swatch. It’s a medium red with a very slight hint towards pink. It certainly looks slightly pink-leaning on the first coat, although in most artificial lighting it just looks red. I used two coats, which both dried quickly and had a lovely high shine. This is […] Read more

nella milano Pinky Ponk

Today I have a swatch of Nella Milano Pinky Ponk. What a fab name! I love it! It’s quite a difficult shade of pink to describe. It’s sort of salmon-leaning. I didn’t think I would like it, but I really love it. I think I’ve loved al the Nella Milano pinks. If I didn’t have […] Read more

nella milano Chestnut Road

This week’s special offer Nella Milano nail polish is Chestnut Road, a rich dark brown, with a slight hint towards red. It’s a classic conker (horse chestnut) colour and comes from the Winter SoirĂ©e collection, which is a collection of four red-based shades. I don’t know what it is about Nella Milano, nor how they […] Read more

nella milano Mercury Haze

This week’s swatch is of Nella Milano Mercury Haze. It’s a mid to dark grey that comes from the Misty Morning collection, which is five shades that range from black to white. I needed two coats for sufficient coverage. They both dried quickly and left a good shine. This is an autumn-appropriate shade – lovely […] Read more

nella milano Iron Spring

Today I have a swatch of Nella Milano Iron Spring. It is a very difficult shade to describe. It’s detailed on the Nella Milano website as being browny-grey, which you can’t disagree with. But, in some lights, it has a murky green tone to it, making it more of a khaki or a dusky olive […] Read more