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A England Avalon

I finally had to use my “proper” camera to photograph my nails for this post. However I adjusted the settings on my mobile camera, I just couldn’t faithfully capture the purple of A England Avalon. It just kept on coming out blue. So I dusted off the DSLR and bit the bullet (still didn’t do […] Read more

China Glaze Electrify

My son absolutely loved Electrify when I first bought it around Halloween time and has been nagging me to use it ever since. I think it’s more suited to Christmas time and the accompanying party season though, and it finally got used today. Electrify is a mix of medium gold and red glitter, with some […] Read more

Superdrug Barry M offer

Following on from my earlier post about there being free Barry M polishes in Boots, I have just found out that Barry M also has two special editions coming out in Superdrug. They are apparently available from Wednesday 5th December and you get one free when you spend £6 or more. Or (unlike the Boots […] Read more

Grey gradient nails

I was loving my snowflake nails, but they chipped. Typically I just re-paint the chip and all is good, but because it’s the weekend, and we are stuck in with builders sorting out our hallway floor, I have plenty of time today to do a new manicure. Sometimes it takes me an age to decide […] Read more

My new nail polish obsession

Hello. (I think I’m only talking to myself at the moment, though!) I’ve recently become rather addicted to nail polish. I’ve been sharing my manicures on Facebook and I’ve mainly been boring or annoying most people. Judging by some of the comments, some of my friends seem to think that I am not busy or […] Read more