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nella milano Moon Whisper

Today I have a swatch of Nella Milano Moon Whisper. It is a very delicate, refined pale pink shade; perfect for French manicures and wedding nails. It’s very sheer. This took four coats and still isn’t opaque. Normally I’m not keen on visible nail line, but there’s something about this colour and its delicacy that […] Read more

nella milano Crystal Coral

Today’s swatch is of Nella Milano Crystal Coral. I typically think of coral – the colour – as being lighter and more pink than this. But I know that coral comes in all sorts of colours, including this deeper, more orange hue. This polish reminds me of the time when my sister bought some coral […] Read more

nella milano Lemon Sherbet

This week’s special offer Nella Milano nail polish is Lemon Sherbet, a bright, vibrant yellow. It comes from the Four Seasons collection, a collection of four shades to match the seasons, in green, yellow, orange and coral. It wasn’t streaky or patchy and was perfectly opaque in three thin coats – wonderful for a yellow! […] Read more

nella milano Periwinkle Pucker

Today’s swatch is of Nella Milano Periwinkle Pucker. I didn’t know what colour periwinkle was for sure, so I looked it up, and it’s a bit more purple-leaning than this shade is. I’d describe this as a pale blue; perhaps a cornflower blue. This manicure is three coats, but it was fine after two. In […] Read more

Swirl Water Marble featuring nella milano Lady Lavender

Every week, I showcase a Nella Milano polish that is on offer at half price on the Nella Milano website. Instead of a plain swatch this week though, I thought I’d do some nail art. So I have some swirl water marble nails to go with Nella Milano Lady Lavender. Lady Lavender is a delicate […] Read more

nella milano Blushing Bloom

I have another swatch of a Nella Milano nail polish today. This is Blushing Bloom, a bright hot pink. It comes from the Bramble collection, a collection of three complementary, but quite different colours. It went on very easily, although was slightly more liquid than other Nella Milano polishes I’ve tried. It was perfect in […] Read more

nella milano Chilli Blaze

It’s Nella Milano day today – meaning it’s Wednesday and there’s another Nella Milano polish on their website at half price for a week! Today, it’s a spicy orange called Chilli Blaze. This is a wonderful shade that really suits me. I do like orange anyway, but Chilli Blaze has something slightly intriguing about it. […] Read more

nella milano Pinkifield

I am wearing a lovely, soft, pale pink today. It’s Nella Milano Pinkifield. I thought it was called Pinkified at first, which I thought was a fab name. But I was didn’t read it quite right – there’s an L in there – and I’m not sure what Pinkifield means. Perhaps someone at Nella Milano […] Read more

nella milano True Blue

I have another swatch of a Nella Milano nail polish today. This is True Blue, a bright cobalt blue cream. It is part of the Forget Me Not collection, a collection of three complementary blue creams. The polish went on easily and dried very quickly too. I’ve been impressed in general with the drying time […] Read more

nella milano Sizzling Sienna

I have another Nella Milano swatch today. This is Sizzling Sienna. I find it quite difficult to describe the shade of this nail polish. It’s a browny-pink sort of colour. It’s a bit like the colour that plasticine was (maybe still is, I have no idea), only a bit more pink. It’s definitely evocative of […] Read more