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SpaRitual Tango

This is a second polish from the latest collection from SpaRitual. It’s Tango, from the Dance collection. I did three coats for this, and it definitely needed it. It’s much more sheer than Cha Cha Cha. Although I did do thin coats, and could probably have achieved opaque coverage in two thick coats. This is […] Read more

SpaRitual Cha Cha Cha

SpaRitual has launched a new, special edition collection of textured glitter polishes, called the Dance Collection. This is Cha Cha Cha, a gorgeous lilac colour, with an intense glittery sparkle. I adore it. I love how the rubberised handles of SpaRitual polishes help you to maintain an even stroke, but it’s not necessary with this […] Read more

SpaRitual Intellect

Intellect is my second polish from the just launched SpaRitual Illuminate Christmas 2013 collection. The collection comprises six polishes that “borrow luminous colour from the master glassmakers of Italy. Cool electric hues reflect a rich heritage of craftsmanship. Iridescent shades catch and play with light. Recycled glass beads magnify vibrant colours.” Intellect is a sheer […] Read more

SpaRitual Intention

SpaRitual has launched six new polishes as part of its Illuminate collection for Christmas 2013. They are “infused with recycled glass to magnify colour” and they certainly look like glass. This is Intention, a red jelly polish, with gold and red glass flecks. I wasn’t entirely sure how to wear this as it’s quite sheer. […] Read more

SpaRitual Conversation

Wow! What a beautiful polish this is. This is Conversation from SpaRitual’s about-to-be-launched Share collection for Autumn 2013. I don’t have anything at all like this in my collection. It’s described by SpaRitual as a rust shimmer, but I would say the colour is much more like a copper, and it’s not just a shimmer. […] Read more

SpaRitual From The Heart

From the Heart is a deep red cream polish. It is a beautiful colour for autumn, and has immediately replaced my previous favourite deep red, which was Rimmel’s Rapid Ruby. It’s a classy, rich maroon-coloured polish and I have to say it went on sublimely. I absolutely love the quality of SpaRitual polishes and am […] Read more

SpaRitual giveaway winners

The winners of my giveaway to win some SpaRitual polishes have been chosen. SpaRitual has kindly sponsored the giveaway for my blog, and that of the three other blogers that I’ve been running this with. All four winners have each won a bottle of Delight, a bottle of Last Tango and a bottle of SpaRitual […] Read more

Vintage roses using SpaRitual polishes plus a giveaway

For the past two days, I’ve been showing some SpaRitual polishes, and today I’ve combined the two into some nail art and also have a great giveaway for you to enter. I’ve used a base of Delight, then I’ve added some vintage roses. I used SpaRitual Last Tango for the base of the roses. Then […] Read more

SpaRitual Last Tango

This is the second of the two SpaRitual polishes I am showing in collaboration with three other bloggers (see the links below for their swatches). This is Last Tango. It’s a bright, slightly pink-leaning coral and is part of the Instinctual collection. Last Tango is quite sheer and I used four thin coats for this […] Read more

SpaRitual Delight

I am really excited to show you a new (to me) brand, SpaRitual. I have two polishes to show today and tomorrow, and then on Thursday I have some nail art using both polishes, plus a UK giveaway where you can win the two polishes plus a SpaRitual Multi-Tasker Base & Topcoat. I’m tying up […] Read more