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A2ZNails Hub Page

A2ZNails challenge 2014-2015

Welcome to the A2ZNails challenge hub page, with all the manicures created. We post every Thursday.

If you want to find out more about the nails bloggers behind the images, see Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes’ Meet The Bloggers (and IGers) post!

You can also view all of the nails tagged with the Instagram #A2ZNails tag.


Oct 30th 2014 Week One: A is for Angles

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November 6th Week Two: B is for Bold

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November 13th Week Three: C is for Copycat

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November 20th Week Four: D is for Dark

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November 27th Week Five: E is for Elegant

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December 4th Week Six: F is for Fashion

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December 11th Week Seven: G is for Gold

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December 18th Week Eight: H is for Holo

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January 8th Week Nine: I is for Inspired

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January 15th Week Ten: J is for Jewel

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January 22nd Week Eleven: K is for Kitchen Sink/Kitschy

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January 29th Week Twelve: L is for Lines

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February 5th Week Thirteen: M is for Multicolours

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February 12th Week Fourteen: N is for New

[inlinkz_linkup id=491037 mode=1]

February 19th Week Fifteen: O is for Old

[inlinkz_linkup id=491038 mode=1]

February 26th Week Sixteen: P is for Pale

[inlinkz_linkup id=491040 mode=1]

March 5th Week Seventeen: Q is for Quirky

[inlinkz_linkup id=491041 mode=1]

March 12th Week Eighteen: R is for Redo, Recreate, Recycle

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March 19th Week Nineteen: S is for Silver

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March 26th Week Twenty: T is for Texture

[inlinkz_linkup id=504434 mode=1]

April 2nd Week Twenty-One: U is for Unusual

[inlinkz_linkup id=504435 mode=1]

April 9th week Twenty-Two: V is for Valuable

[inlinkz_linkup id=504438 mode=1]

April 16th Week Twenty-Three: W is for Wild

[inlinkz_linkup id=504439 mode=1]

April 23rd Week Twenty-Four: X is for eXtra Special

[inlinkz_linkup id=504440 mode=1]

April 30th Week Twenty-Five: Y is for You

[inlinkz_linkup id=510267 mode=1]

May 7th Week Twenty-Six: Z is for Zig zags

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