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w7 Lava Flow: Glitter: Never-ending Pile Challenge

I’m starting another challenge today. This one is the brainchild of Missy from Gnarly Nails, and is being run through her Glittah Pirates Facebook group. It’s the The Never-ending Pile challenge and the quest is to use up all those untried polishes we addicts hoard. As at today, I have 229 unworn polishes. That represents […] Read more

Comparison of piCture pOlish Blogger and w7 Multi Dazzle

Emma of Em’s Little Corner asked whether I could show a comparison of piCture pOlish Blogger and W7 Multi Dazzle. When my bottle of Blogger arrived in the post, I also thought that they were quite similar and I’d already fished out my swatch wheel to compare them. But, polish lovers, you’ll absolutely need both […] Read more

w7 Sunset Island

It’s sunny! So, it’s time to put on some sunny polish. This is W7 Sunset Island; a bright orange polish with gold shimmer. I actually put this on yesterday – when it wasn’t so sunny – but I feel like I’ve influenced the weather for today and made it turn out so beautifully clear, sunny […] Read more

w7 Purple Paradise

A commentor on my recent dusky pink manicure said that she would like to see me wear a “deep decadent purple”. I have several in the untried stash that I think suit that description, so it was easy enough to oblige. This is W7 Purple Paradise. It’s a deep purple alright. I’m not sure how […] Read more

Pale pink gel nails with stamping and glitter

I have some more mix and match today with these pale pink gel nails with stamping and glitter. The pale pink gel polish is Bluesky QXG210 (sometimes called Lace). It’s a beauty of a colour and I can see it being a real staple for me. On the ring finger Bluesky 63903, called Fairy Dust […] Read more

Blue geometric glitter nails

These blue geometric glitter nails were inspired by a manicure I saw by Paulina of Paulina’s Passions. I saw it and thought I’d love to create something similar but using blue – but I don’t like my manicure half as much as I like hers. I think it’s probably because the glitter is more prominent on […] Read more

Semilac Nude Beige Rose

I’m starting the New Year off gently with a soft colour – just in case any of you still have hangovers! This gel polish is Semilac Nude Beige Rose. It’s a really beautiful, delicate and feminine colour. I think Semilac are hedging their bets with name. They’ve included three different colours in it! In fact, […] Read more

Black, White and Orange Tartan | Books | 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

These black, white and orange tartan nails are for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas “books” prompt. I don’t read anywhere near as much as I would like to. It’s all my son’s fault. Before he was born, I used to read about one book a week. Admittedly, I commuted into central London every day, […] Read more