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Revlon Fashionista Stamped with sally hansen Shiny Penny: E is for: Elegant

E is for elegant in this week’s A2Z series challenge. The problem with this theme is that it’s very subjective and all in the interpretation. One nail polish addict’s ‘elegant’ is another’s ‘crude’ or ‘plain’. The most elegant nails I think I’ve ever done are some gold stamping over a burgundy Chanel polish. I thought […] Read more

sally hansen Presto Pink

I am so busy at the moment, and have been since my son broke up from school a week ago, that I do not have as much time to do my nails at the moment. I’m desperate to do some nail art. I have some gradients with stamping in mind, plus some colour combinations for […] Read more

sally hansen The Sky’s The Limit

Back in February when I bought this polish, I thought it was a bit too bright and summery for the miserable weather we were having. So it’s only just making an outing now. This is a fabulous colour – so bold and bright; a real sky blue of a blue. The last time I used  […] Read more

sally hansen Anenome Of Mine

I’m often a little disappointed by the colour of a Sally Hansen polish because the glass of the Complete Salon Manicure bottles is quite thick, meaning they appear lighter than they really are. That was the case with Anenome Of Mine. I love the colour in the bottle, but it’s a tad darker on the […] Read more

sally hansen Insta-Dri Slick Slate

In my nail polish database, I’ve labelled this polish as a brown. But I’m beginning to think it should have its own classification. Slate is such a difficult colour to describe. It’s grey-brown with a tinge of purple. And Sally Hansen Slick Slate is spot on to that (rather muddled) description. I’m still not sure […] Read more

sally hansen Ion

I wasn’t going to take my colour blocked manicure off so soon, but something made it really soft (doing the washing-up, I think!) and it easily peeled off a nail or two. OK, so I’ve stretched the truth here a bit. It didn’t so much peel as *was* peeled – I’m a consummate picker! Sally […] Read more