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revlon Fashionista Stamped with Sally Hansen Shiny Penny: E is for: Elegant

E is for elegant in this week’s A2Z series challenge. The problem with this theme is that it’s very subjective and all in the interpretation. One nail polish addict’s ‘elegant’ is another’s ‘crude’ or ‘plain’. The most elegant nails I think I’ve ever done are some gold stamping over a burgundy Chanel polish. I thought […] Read more

revlon Cherries In The Snow

I bought Revlon Cherries In The Snow for £2 in The Original Factory Shop. It’s one of my favourite places to stalk inexpensive polish. Despite its name (cherries are red, surely?), it’s a pink colour and it’s very sheer and runny. As with most Revlons, it could flood the cuticles if you’re not careful. I […] Read more

revlon Lilac Pastelle: GOT Polish Challenge: Pastel

And so the second round of the Golden Oldie Thursday (GOT) Polish Challenge gets underway, and the first theme is pastel. I have only a handful of old pastels and Revlon Lilac Pastelle seemed to jump out at me, calling to be used. Inspired by an image on Pinterest (see below), I created an accent […] Read more

FingerFood’s Theme Weeks: Abstract: Using revlon Polishes

I didn’t know where to start for the abstract theme for this week’s FingerFood’s Theme Weeks challenge. So I did what I always do when faced with something I’m not sure about … I Googled! I looked up abstract art and found a nice abstract painting to use as my inspiration. I was going to […] Read more

revlon Bewitching

This is a nice shade. It’s Revlon Bewitching, and it’s a rich, deep, raspberry colour. I have similar colours that have “plum” in their name, but it’s more red and less purple than something I would describe as plum. In some lights it looks completely burgundy, but most of the time it has a deep […] Read more

revlon Plum Night

I really didn’t want to take off my lovely For Audrey manicure with accent water marble. But it had stayed on for longer than I usually leave my manicures and had finally got a few tiny chips. So I removed it last night and set about doing a new manicure. It was quite late – […] Read more