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red carpet manicure: Bloom Style Collection

I have neglected my blog a little and haven’t been posting very much recently. I’ve still been photographing my nails though, so I’m playing catch up now and getting a few posts out. This is the 2018 Spring Summer Bloom Style Collection from Red Carpet Manicure. It’s a collection of six gel polishes in a […] Read more

red carpet manicure Red Carpet Reddy

I wore another lovely Red Carpet Manicure gel polish a few weeks ago: Red Carpet Reddy. I love the Red Carpet Manicure gel polishes – they paint on beautifully and have lasted on me without any lifting or splitting. This particular polish came with the Pro Starter Kit, along with an LED lamp, base coat, top […] Read more

red carpet manicure Beach Queen

This gorgeous bright neon pink is Beach Queen from Red Carpet Manicure. This is my first time using Red Carpet Manicure and I loved the polish and everything about the system. Red Carpet Manicure was apparently the first to launch an at-home gel manicure system. Beach Queen is from the Fiji Fever collection, launched for […] Read more

Dusky pink gel with glitter

I loved these dusky pink gel with glitter nails. I’ve been using quite a lot of gel polish recently, as I’ve not  been having much time to paint nails every couple of days. I fancied something quite elegant, and took inspiration from this Celina Rydén manicure on Instagram. I used a gel polish by Y&S. I […] Read more

My nail polish

Here’s a list of all the nail polish and gel polish I own. I have 1,111 polishes. If I’ve blogged about a nail polish, I’ve linked to the post(s). You can also click on the brand names to find manicures using nail polishes from that brand. 2True Aglaia Aphrodite Arete Artemis Athena Christy Crystal Shade […] Read more

Review: Born Pretty Store nail jewellery

The next big nail art trend seems to be nail jewellery. I’ve seen plenty of celebs sporting various items on the red carpets, and there are even companies that now make real silver and gold nail jewellery – but it comes at a price that I cannot afford. Thankfully for us nail fanatics, there is […] Read more