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polish me silly Grape Intentions

I was only really just about getting into indie polishes when the Royal Mail started destroying incoming nail polish parcels. At that stage, I think I’d only ordered from abroad once or twice. That was some time ago now, and since then I’ve been ogling lots of gorgeous polishes that I want from the US, […] Read more

Purple and green duochrome with star studs: S is for Starlet

It’s letter S this week in the A to Z series challenge and I’ve gone for Startlet from Ciaté, to which I added some star studs as a nod to the polish’s name. I bought this polish along with about ten others in a buying frenzy at my local The Original Factory Shop. If you […] Read more

My nail polish

Here’s a list of all the nail polish and gel polish I own. I have 1,111 polishes. If I’ve blogged about a nail polish, I’ve linked to the post(s). You can also click on the brand names to find manicures using nail polishes from that brand. 2True Aglaia Aphrodite Arete Artemis Athena Christy Crystal Shade […] Read more

O is for: Olive from Barry M, with oil slick studs

It’s letter O this week in the A to Z series challenge and I have Olive from Barry M. I had quite a few Os to choose from, but hadn’t yet used this one from the most recent Barry M collection. I used two coats. It dried really quickly, but it was very hot, so […] Read more

Bananas In Pyjamas (52 Week Challenge)

I’m a day late with this week’s 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge, but it was Mother’s Day in the UK yesterday, and I was busy being spoiled, so didn’t get time to post. Initially, I spent an age painting Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street as decals. But when I came to put them […] Read more

L’Oreal Black Swan

That’s it. No more housework for me! I chipped the nail on the index finger of my left hand while filling the dishwasher. I filed down and rounded off the missing corner, which enabled me to keep the length of the nail, but it looks silly now. I’m thinking I may need to round the […] Read more

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award

Alyssia from Rose Tint My Nails has nominated me for a Liebster award. How lovely! Someone other than me is actually reading my blog! I don’t know who started this award. I searched quite extensively online to try to find out – but there was nothing “official” about it, not even a Wikipedia page. I […] Read more