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nelly polish Gumpas

This is another Nelly Polish – the UK indie polish that can be shipped anywhere in the world thanks to the fact that it comes as a dry mixture, ready for you to make up with any clear polish. Gumpas is from the first Nelly Polish collection, called The Fungooms. It’s a nude jelly polish […] Read more

nelly polish Mena

This polish is a worldwide first. It’s truly innovative and very exciting. Invented by Hilary Tunley, this is the world’s first dried nail polish.  Hilary’s “Nelly Mixture” comprises the natural pigments, glitters, mixing balls and suspension ingredient. To turn these into one of her polishes, you simply add them to an ordinary bottle of clear […] Read more

My 10 favourite nail polishes of 2013

This is a roundup of my favourite nail polishes from 2013. These are all polishes that have been released in 2013, and which I have worn. So this list, unfortunately, leaves out many polishes that might be great, but I just haven’t discovered that yet as they are still sitting in my untried pile! I […] Read more

UK indie polish makers

The UK indie polish scene has grown so much during 2013, thanks in part to new UK-based suppliers offering the suspension base and pigments. As a round-up of what’s available, I’ve done a list of the UK indie makers and their websites. The details are below, but going forward, I thought a permanent page would […] Read more

UK Indie Polish Makers

This is a list of UK indie nail polish makers. Click on the brand name for its website or shop. They are listed in the (approximate) order in which they opened. If you know of any other UK indie polish makers, or if any of my information needs amending, please get in touch. Brand Social […] Read more

My nail polish

Here’s a list of all the nail polish and gel polish I own. I have 1,111 polishes. If I’ve blogged about a nail polish, I’ve linked to the post(s). You can also click on the brand names to find manicures using nail polishes from that brand. 2True Aglaia Aphrodite Arete Artemis Athena Christy Crystal Shade […] Read more