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Shimmery Blues | Bluesky A24 with Toppers Top Secret

I have one of the new Toppers top coats to show today. This is Top Secret and is one of 20 universal gel top coats that can be used to transform a gel manicure. I’ve used Bluesky A24 as the base, a plain navy gel polish. Once I’d cured the two coats, I added the […] Read more

Magic hana Rainy Day (124) | One-step Gel

This pretty shade is Magic Hana Rainy Day; a one-step gel polish. I do love a one-step gel polish. No base, no top coat, no wiping. Just a few coats of colour and you’re ready to go. It’s so quick and so easy. So many times, I’ve removed my polish and haven’t had much time […] Read more

SensatioNail Gilded Glamour | Glitter Gel Polish with Cream

SensatioNail Gilded Glamour is one of seven new glitter gel polishes. I have three of the collection, and mine are all in a clear or very sheer base. So I decided to use this gold and rose gold glitter gel polish layered over a base colour. I figured cream should compliment the gold and rose […] Read more

Pale pink gel nails with stamping and glitter

I have some more mix and match today with these pale pink gel nails with stamping and glitter. The pale pink gel polish is Bluesky QXG210 (sometimes called Lace). It’s a beauty of a colour and I can see it being a real staple for me. On the ring finger Bluesky 63903, called Fairy Dust […] Read more

SensatioNail Blue Chrome Powder

I kind of missed the chrome nails fad. I was so busy at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 that I took a bit of a step back from blogging. In retrospect, it was a good move and it allowed me to have a bit of a break rather than burn out, […] Read more

Dusky pink gel with glitter

I loved these dusky pink gel with glitter nails. I’ve been using quite a lot of gel polish recently, as I’ve not  been having much time to paint nails every couple of days. I fancied something quite elegant, and took inspiration from this Celina Rydén manicure on Instagram. I used a gel polish by Y&S. I […] Read more

Neon brights stamping marble smoosh

It’s been a while since I’ve done much nail art. My nails have only really had plain nail polish on them for a lot of the time over the past year or so, as I’ve been so busy with work and my volunteering commitments. So, this stamping marble using some neon brights from the Morgan […] Read more