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L’Oreal Mystic Blue and essie On A Silver Platter

I wore this manicure back in the middle of February – for my birthday, as it happens. I started off just wearing L’Oréal Mystic Blue as it’s one of my favourite polishes. We were staying away for a few days – my birthday falls in half term week every year – and I’d been treated […] Read more

essie Bikini So Teeny

I really couldn’t work out if this polish is blue or lilac. Most blogs describe it as blue, and it does look blue in the daylight. But in the evening and in low light, it looks more lilac. Anyway, I’ve decided it’s probably blue.  A cornflower blue with a very fine shimmer that is just […] Read more

Barry M Bright Purple stamped with essie Nothing Else Metals

Stamping is a great way to use my untried polishes. This time I’ve stamped with Essie Nothing Else Metals, which I bought from a local branch of The Original Factory Shop for just £1. Bargain, eh? Especially as I knew that it – like the rest of the Essie Mirror Metallics collection – was supposed […] Read more

essie Leading Lady

I rarely fall straight in love with a polish and go out and buy it immediately. Typically, I hear about a new collection coming out via the blogs I read, and then I see some swatches. I may notice a polish or two, but most of the time I’m trying not to buy any more […] Read more

essie Winter Collection on Co-Buy at Buyapowa

I signed up a while ago for all the upcoming nail polish co-buys on BuyaPowa. I haven’t bought any of them yet, as they haven’t particularly appealed to me, but this one, a set of 4 mini Essie polishes from their Winter 2012 collection is very tempting …   The site describes them thus: Shall I or shan’t I? I’m […] Read more

Festival Nails | June 2016 Nailbox

I used the June 2016 Nailbox content to create a festival nails look. This is the first subscription box of polish that I have received. I’ve not signed up to one before because I now have so much polish (I’m approaching 1,000 bottles) and I think that I probably own practically every colour out there, […] Read more

Nautical Nails | Bundle Monster Hangloose Collection

These nautical nails are for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas group. The theme this week is holidays or seaside or the beach and I’ve done a nautical take on the prompt. My husband hankers after a sailing holiday, and would love to sail around the Caribbean, but I prefer to keep that to the […] Read more

Multicoloured Zigzags Inspired by Fabric | Twinsie Tuesday

I’m late …. again! I really must try to ignore the real world demands and stay on top of the blogging! This Twinsie Tuesday manicure of multicoloured zigzags is inspired by fabric. I saw a pin on Pinterest (see below) with these colours on a pocket. I don’t know what the rest of the garment […] Read more