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emily de molly When Planets Collide

This is the last of my Emily de Molly polishes that I bought back in June. I don’t always match my polish with the seasons, but I guess I do for the large part, and this one seemed too dark to wear in the lovely summer weather we had this year, so it has waited […] Read more

emily de molly Harmony

It was grey, rainy and miserable the other day so I decided to wear a fairly recent purchase of mine, Harmony from Emily de Molly … mainly because the base colour matched the clouds! The polish has a light grey base and has white, lavender, purple and turquoise glitters in it. There’s also a very […] Read more

emily de molly Sakura

I recently bought Sakura from Sally Magpies, along with three other Emily de Molly polishes. This is the one that I chose first when I was buying them, as I loved it so much. I love the simplicity of the colour scheme, and I love round glitters. My son used to go to school with […] Read more

emily de molly Majestic Flight

It’s so frustrating looking at beautiful indie polishes that we can’t easily – or cheaply – get here in the UK. I’ve long been an admirer of Emily de Molly polishes, so I was thrilled to find out that Sally Magpies was going to be stocking them. It didn’t take me long to choose from […] Read more

My 10 favourite nail polishes of 2013

This is a roundup of my favourite nail polishes from 2013. These are all polishes that have been released in 2013, and which I have worn. So this list, unfortunately, leaves out many polishes that might be great, but I just haven’t discovered that yet as they are still sitting in my untried pile! I […] Read more

My nail polish

Here’s a list of all the nail polish and gel polish I own. I have 1,111 polishes. If I’ve blogged about a nail polish, I’ve linked to the post(s). You can also click on the brand names to find manicures using nail polishes from that brand. 2True Aglaia Aphrodite Arete Artemis Athena Christy Crystal Shade […] Read more