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colores de carol Best Polish Friend Forever

I got this manicure all wrong! I thought it might be opaque in two or three coats, but it wasn’t, and so I ended up having to use FIVE coats. I should have checked my swatch wheel and would have seen that it would need a base coat. Never mind; I’ll know better next time. […] Read more

A England Ascalon

I had been wearing a glitter polish, and had used PVA glue as a base coat. As always seems to happen with me when I use PVA glue, one nail just pinged off randomly, and so I was unexpectedly left in need of creating a new manicure. The weather was due to be hot and […] Read more

My nail polish

Here’s a list of all the nail polish and gel polish I own. I have 1,111 polishes. If I’ve blogged about a nail polish, I’ve linked to the post(s). You can also click on the brand names to find manicures using nail polishes from that brand. 2True Aglaia Aphrodite Arete Artemis Athena Christy Crystal Shade […] Read more