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Calvin Klein Sheer Sparkle and china glaze Fairy Dust

Back at the end of October, when I had my foot operated on to remove a cyst, I had to remove all my nail polish. When I had recovered a little, I was desperate to get some colour back on my nails. I chose an untried bright pink – to cheer me up. I haven’t […] Read more

china glaze Ruby Pumps

My one true red, glass-flecked polish love was always Essie Leading Lady. I adore it on my nails, but the application difficulties I had with it left me so disappointed. So I went out and bought Ruby Pumps in the hope that it might fill the gap in my heart! I love it.  It’s so […] Read more

china glaze stripey pink, plum and white water marble

This is my first (successful) full manicure water marble. Before I started blogging, I attempted a water marble manicure on all ten nails, but it was pretty rubbish because there wasn’t enough contrast in the colours I used, and I quickly removed it. I’ve also done one accent nail water marble, which I loved and […] Read more

china glaze For Audrey with a water marble accent nail

I’ve tried water marbling once before. Just once. About four months ago, when my nail polish obsession was just in its infancy. It was abysmal. The technique seemed to work well but the polishes I used just didn’t and so I parked the idea of water marbling altogether, thinking I’d perhaps revisit it if I […] Read more

Glitter gradient: china glaze Up All Night with H&M Blue Bliss

It’s well and truly party season now. As I’m self-employed, there’s not much fun in taking myself to a restaurant for a Christmas do. But one of my clients always invites me to their Christmas lunch, and I’ve worked with them for nearly three years now, so feel like an employee anyway! Today’s the day […] Read more

china glaze Electrify

My son absolutely loved Electrify when I first bought it around Halloween time and has been nagging me to use it ever since. I think it’s more suited to Christmas time and the accompanying party season though, and it finally got used today. Electrify is a mix of medium gold and red glitter, with some […] Read more

china glaze Tempest (with some added sparkle)

When buying some nail polish recently I was overcharged but didn’t realise until I got home. My husband returned to the shop for me, and instead of a refund, picked me up a new polish – gotta love him! He chose China Glaze Tempest. This is a shimmer polish with a hint of a duochrome. […] Read more

china glaze Purr-fect Plum

Purr-fect Plum is part of China Glaze’s On Safari collection. The shade is described as a “bold burgundy” and that’s pretty much spot on. It’s certainly a deep wine colour; very reminiscent of a good Bourgogne! Like all China Glaze polishes I’ve used so far, it goes on beautifully. It’s a great formula and as I’ve used it […] Read more