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a england Whispering Waves

I bought A England Whispering Waves as soon as it was launched. It’s a duochromatic turquoise holographic polish – what could be better? It paints on perfectly. All the A England nail polishes I’ve ever tried have a perfect application. It dries very quickly and a little matte too. It was almost a one-coater, and […] Read more

a england Elaine with Stamping: Boutique: Never-ending Pile Challenge

There have been a fair few discussions in the GLITTAH Pirates Facebook group about what a “boutique” polish actually is, and most of these finally concluded that it’s a high end polish only found in select stores (e.g. Ciaté, Deborah Lippmann) or an indie polish created by a single person, but mixed and produced in […] Read more

a england Ascalon

I had been wearing a glitter polish, and had used PVA glue as a base coat. As always seems to happen with me when I use PVA glue, one nail just pinged off randomly, and so I was unexpectedly left in need of creating a new manicure. The weather was due to be hot and […] Read more

a england Galahad

When I pulled out A England Lady of Shalott to use the other day, I spotted Galahad. I bought this at the same time in January and was absolutely desperate to get hold of it back then. But for some reason it has just languished in my growing untried pile. I was pleased to see […] Read more

a england Lady Of Shalott

I have been quite remiss about using my A England polishes. I own ten of them, but have only worn three for a full manicure before. Even my much wanted Galahad still remains untried, despite me having bought it back in January. I have used A England Lady Of Shalott before, but only as part […] Read more

a england Tristam with square silver studs

I wanted to accent yesterday’s manicure, so decided to add some studs to it. I bought these square silver studs fairly recently, but hadn’t tried them out yet. Previously, I’ve used round studs, and been very happy with how they apply and how flat they lay on the nail, and these were just as good. […] Read more

a england Tristam

I bought five new A England polishes in the special offer at the beginning of the year. Technically they’re supposed to be a present for my birthday, but I’m sure my Mum and Dad won’t mind me wearing one of them a bit early 🙂 My favourite of the five I bought was Galahad, a […] Read more

Ciate Magic Carpet over a england Avalon

I bought the fabulous Ciate advent calendar and have thoroughly enjoyed opening it every day in December. On a couple of occasions, my son has asked to open it for me – and we’ve both enjoyed seeing what is behind the door. I had hoped to wear each new one every day, but from a […] Read more

a england Avalon

I finally had to use my “proper” camera to photograph my nails for this post. However I adjusted the settings on my mobile camera, I just couldn’t faithfully capture the purple of A England Avalon. It just kept on coming out blue. So I dusted off the DSLR and bit the bullet (still didn’t do […] Read more