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NYC Mint Macaroon with gold glequins

I wanted to jazz up yesterday’s manicure a bit. Green really isn’t my favourite colour, and although I liked my nails, I didn’t like them enough to leave them plain. So I added some gold glequins (I still think they should be called hexaquins!). I’ve only added them to my ring fingers, as accent nails, […] Read more

NYC Mint Macaroon

I don’t own very many green polishes; green just isn’t a particularly favourite colour of mine. But as it was coming up to St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I might try a relevant manicure. I’m not Irish, but my husband is half Irish (although born and raised in England, so doesn’t particularly feel Irish). So […] Read more

NYC Chinatown

Today I’m wearing NYC Chinatown. I’m wearing it in keeping with my New Year’s resolution to use untrieds as often as possible. I bought it some time ago and catalogued it with my purples, so know that it must be purple, but it’s murky today in London, and that makes it look almost black. I can discern some shimmer, […] Read more

NYC Rock Muse over Calvin Klein Ebony Hates Chris-Black

After all my indecision yesterday about what to put on my nails for New Year, I ended up just doing very little yesterday except a plain black manicure using Calvin Klein Ebony Hates Chris-Black. It’s a most unusual name for a nail polish. I have no idea who “Chris” is, nor why “Ebony” hates him! It’s also the […] Read more

Dusky pink gel with glitter

I loved these dusky pink gel with glitter nails. I’ve been using quite a lot of gel polish recently, as I’ve not  been having much time to paint nails every couple of days. I fancied something quite elegant, and took inspiration from this Celina Rydén manicure on Instagram. I used a gel polish by Y&S. I […] Read more

Dry Brush Pink Hearts | Love | 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

These dry brush pink hearts nails are two days late for the love prompt of 40 Great Nail Art Ideas. Everyone in our house has, or has had, flu. It’s an unhealthy place this week. I didn’t really fancy painting my nails today, but thought there wasn’t much point in getting this post up any […] Read more

Nella Milano Sizzling Sienna

I have another Nella Milano swatch today. This is Sizzling Sienna. I find it quite difficult to describe the shade of this nail polish. It’s a browny-pink sort of colour. It’s a bit like the colour that plasticine was (maybe still is, I have no idea), only a bit more pink. It’s definitely evocative of […] Read more

Three Colour Loose Glitter Gradient

I received some loose glitter for review from NYK1 Secrets and created a glitter gradient. I happened to create this over an existing manicure of Barry M Ballerina, but you can’t see that through the glitter, so you could easily do this over bare nails. The plain nails are three coats of Deborah Lippmann Call […] Read more